growing real estateThe housing industry create a powerful investment environment and position the senior citizen for consistent profits in structured opportunities with rentals and passive income that increases securely without the risk of stock market dangerous fluctuations and corrections. People always need a place to live and as the last great recession proves, families that had good jobs and income still lost their homes do to predatory lending from unscrupulous banks, brokers and mortgage companies. Those families did not desire to move out of their neighborhoods where their children where attending school and had their friends. Instead, they found rentals in the same area when possible and stay. On top of that, as baby boomers continue to advance in age the demand for senior housing continues to exceed supply. As an investor in real estate holdings, baby boomers can make substantial profits by purchasing large homes to convert into senior living facilities or existing facilities in desirable areas easily accessible to family and friends of the tenants.


The California central valley is one of those desirable areas where prices are the most reasonable within a metropolitan are in the state. Fresno, Clovis, Visalia, Tulare, Porterville are prime examples of that fact. The United States population growth of 85 year old and older is growing at a much faster rate than the rest of the population bringing with it a void in the housing demand trends in U.S. primary markets that can be tap by save investors with the assistance of their investment consultants and agents. The numbers are staggering. The population of Americans 65 years old and older is projected to increase from 47.7 million in 2015 to 79.2 million in the age of retirement creating a greater demand for rentals and senior living facilities over the next twenty years. New construction is not keeping up with the demand at this point. Ten thousand baby boomers turn 65 each day in our country requiring a staggering 173% increase per year in housing units necessary to meet the projected demand over the next 20 years.

Our team analyses with due diligence every possible opportunity for our clients in the central California area and some international locations such as Costa Rica, Mexico, Uruguay and Argentina for those who desire to extend the power of their retirement income into a more desirable standard of living for less money in a foreign country. Senior housing investment is a recession resilient asset class of its own in the commercial real estate market of today and for the past ten years. An even modest and small investment such as purchasing condominiums in desirable established areas has proven to be great investments.

The California central valley is a sleeping giant for real estate investment growth without the risk of natural disasters such as the ones we have seen this year in places such as Florida, Texas, Louisiana and others. The weather is nice; the location is fantastic surrounded by three national parks, lakes, mountains and tourism as well as metropolitan areas and services such as Fresno with over 500,000 in population still enjoying a small town atmosphere.

While large cities around the country face the risk of another real estate bubble, the California central valley mitigates that risk by lower prices and a growing population attracted by the quality of life and small town feeling.

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